Welcome to the Dark Cabaret

Chianna introduction

The Dark Cabaret is an idea I have been playing with for a few years, the term seemed appropriate to second life in that it has a seperation from the daylight of the 'real life' and that it sometimes allows for the expression of some rather dark and to some extent 'hidden' things. This results in a 'Cabaret' of sorts where I find myself in the company of other actors on a stage that is not confined by the norms or real life. My second life is a Dark Cabaret on many levels.

My land, my home, my 'spot' in second life is also called the Dark Cabaret. Its a small theater and club set in the urban London streets I grew up in, this is not the London of postcards and tourist hotspots but the London that most people on below average incomes live and survive in, this is in a sense a 'Dark Cabaret' that is played by many in the real world.

The Dark Cabaret.....(the place). These are some of the main areas for role play and fun.

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